Paolo Colangelo
 Post doctoral fellow

Address: CNR - Institute of Ecosystem Study

c/o Department of Biology and Biotechnology "C.Darwin"
Sapienza University
Via Borelli 50
00161 Rome - Italy
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+39 06 49918122 (Telephone)
Research activities: My research interests focus mainly on evolution and ecology. Mammals (mainly rodents) and other vertebrates are used as model to investigate patterns of speciation and diversification through the analysis of genetic and morphological data (cytogenetic, phylogeography, phylogenetics and geometric morphometrics). Ecological researches concern the analysis of long-term data series and diversity and conservation of traditional crop varieties in agro-ecosystems. Look for me in Google Scholar!
Recent Publications:


  • Colangelo P, Verheyen E, Leirs H. Tatard C, Denys C, Dobigny G, Duplantier JM, Brouat C, Granjon L, Lecompte E. (2013) A mitochondrial phylogeographic scenario for the most widespread African rodent, Mastomys natalensis. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 108: 901-916
  • Tomassini A, Colangelo P, Agnelli P, Jones G, Russo D (2013) Cranial size has increased over 133 years in a common bat, Pipistrellus kuhlii: a response to changing climate or urbanization? Journal of Biogeography, DOI: 10.1111/jbi.12248
  • Solano E, Franchini P, Colangelo P, Capanna E, Castiglia R (2013) The origin of the western European house mouse in the Aeolian Archipelago and the history of colonisation of the central Mediterranean area: clues from mtDNA and chromosomes. Biological Invasions, 15: 729–739.


  • Colangelo P, Aloise G, Franchini P, Annesi F, Amori G (2012) Mitochondrial DNA reveals hidden diversity and an ancestral lineage of the bank vole in the Italian peninsula. Journal of Zoology, 287: 41-52.
  • Granjon L, Colangelo P, Tatard C, Colyn M, Dobigny G, Nicolas V (2012) Intrageneric relationships and description of a new West African species in Gerbilliscus (Rodentia, Muridae, Gerbillinae). Zootaxa, 3325: 1-25
  • Piras P, Sansalone G, Teresi L, Kotsakis T, Colangelo P, Loy, A (2012) Testing convergent and parallel adaptations of talpids humeral mechanical performance by means of geometric morphometrics and finite element analysis. Journal of morphology, 273: 696-711.
  • Colangelo P, Loy A, Huber D, Gomercic T, Vigna Taglianti A, Ciucci P (2012) Strong phenotypic distinctiveness in the Apennine brown bear: effect of the genetic drift or eco-phenotypic adaptation? Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 107: 15-26.


  • Castiglia R, Solano E, Makundi RH, Hulselmans J, Verheyen E, Colangelo P (2011) The phylogeography of the mesic four-striped grass rat based on mtDNA sequences and an instance of rapid chromosomal evolution. Journal of Zoological Systematic and Evolutionary Research, 50: 165-172.
  • Bisconti R, Canestrelli D, Colangelo P, Nascetti G (2011) Multiple evidence of demographic and range expansion of the temperate species Hyla sarda (Anura: Hylidae) during the last glaciation. Molecular Ecology, 20: 5313–5327.
  • Jarvis DI, De Santis P, Colangelo P, Murray T (2011) Linking Diversity and field Resistance. In: Damage, diversity and genetic vulnerability: the role of crop genetic diversity in the agricultural production system to reduce pest and disease damage (Jarvis DI, Fadda C, De Santis P, Thompson J eds.). Proceedings of an international symposium 15-17 February 2011, Rabat, Morocco. Bioversity International, Rome, Italy


  • Colangelo P, Bannikova AA, Kryštufek B, Lebedev V, Annesi F, Capanna E, Loy A (2010) Molecular systematics and evolutionary biogeography of the genus Talpa (Soricomorpha: Talpidae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 55(2): 372-380.
  • Franchini P, Colangelo P, Solano E, Capanna E, Verheyen E, Castiglia R, (2010) Reduced gene flow at pericentromeric loci in a hybrid zone involving chromosomal races of the house mouse Mus musculus domesticus. Evolution, 64: 2020-2032.
  • Colangelo P, Castiglia R, Franchini P., Solano E. (2010) Pattern of shape variation in the eastern African gerbils of the genus Gerbilliscus (Rodentia, muridae): Environmental correlations and implication for taxonomy and systematics. Mammalian Biology, 75(4): 302-310
  • Colangelo P, Leirs H, Castiglia R, D'aes M, Meheretu Y, Verheyen E (2010) New data on the distribution and phylogenetic position of Mastomys awashensis (Rodentia, Muridae). Mammalian Biology, 75(5): 459-462
  • Gornung E, Bizzoco D, Colangelo P, Castiglia R (2010) A cytogenetic and genetic study in two Mediterranean populations of the garden dormouse, Eliomys quercinus (Sciuromorpha: Gliridae). Italian Journal of Zoology, 77(2): 137 - 143.
  • Abiadh A, Chetoui M, Cheniti TL, Capanna E, Colangelo P (2010) Molecular phylogenetics of the genus Gerbillus (Rodentia, Gerbillinae): implications for systematics, taxonomy and chromosomal evolution. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 56(2):513-8.
  • Abiadh A, Colangelo P, Capanna E, Cheniti TL, Chetoui M (2010) Morphometric analysis of six Gerbillus species (Rodentia, Gerbillinae) from Tunisia. Comptes rendus biologies, 333:680-7.
  • Piras P, Colangelo P, Adams DC, Buscalioni A, Cubo J, Kotsakis T, Meloro C, Raia P (2010) The Gavialis-Tomistoma debate: the contribution of skull ontogenetic allometry and growth trajectories to the study of crocodylian relationships. Evolution & Development 12(6): 568–579.